Missing Classmates

Where are They?

If you have any information (address, email, phone number, etc.) on any of our classmates listed as "Missing", please contact us. Any information you can give us would be appreciated.


Diana Aagard Mead

Vireginia Aldecoa

Teresa Barney

Bruce Brand

Jenny Lee Brimhall

Ronald Buelna

Rosa Linda Cavazos

Loyola Chavez

Cynthia Cleveland

Kathy Eden Olsen

Jerry Leon Hyde

Monna Mae Jolley Thomas

Phil Lee

Sunny Maestas

Gladys Reay

William Reay

Jesus Ruiz

Alexander Smith

Ralph Smith

Pat Stickney

Marilyn Tanner Hunt

Karla Thockmorton

Chuck Tolman

Tim Woodward

Lucy Yazzie

Sadie Belle Yazzie

Geneve Zahney