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Paul Jolley

Paul Jolley

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01/26/11 12:28 AM #1    

Jada Paul Olcott

Hey, Paul Jolley

I remember in High School you were an upcoming top ballet Student. Also you were a nice person, gentleman and dedicated artist.

If my memory serves me well you were with the Utah Ballet out of Salt Lake.

In my life I had several Ballerina girl freinds. I wrote a song called 'Ballet' which was given notarity, radio play and respect in all of Eastern Europe. A famous Eastern European singer - Tereza Kasovia recorded it. One of my better friends was Anna the prima Ballerina of Jugosalvia. When tereza recorded my songs many jealous men, (some were composers), in Jugoslavia made me trouble and I was expelled for three years from Jugoslavia based on lies and fabrications by those jealous people. ( I later sucessfully returned and the Liberation of Croatia from the Jugoslavian Federation came on my birthday). It's now a national holiday. 

After I was temporaily expelled I was traveling into Eastern Europe and on the car radio aired a radio show special from Poland featuring my music including my song 'Ballet'. After all the injustice my enemies did in trying to silence me, they had to listen to me anyway.

Well I guese now you are dancing with the angels.

An old friend from the hallways of Payson High

Jada Paul






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